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Sodyba Ėglis nuomai_kaimo turizmo sodyba_Dusetos_Zarasų raj.



If you`re tired of the irritating and noisy streets of the city or you’re just looking for a way to reconnect with nature and enjoy beautiful and peaceful surroundings, this is the place for you. Here you will be able to experience village-like lifestyle while not having to sacrifice the comfort we`re so used to in our day-to-day life. It’s a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the rural environment all year round.



Our cottage is a part of a tiny Jasai village, near Dusetos town, in Zarasai district. The village is located in the heart of Sartai Regional Park – famous for its numerous lakes and swamps. Lakes Ėglis and Ėgliokas can be found nearby. Peaceful meadows, green woods, gloomy swamps and wavy rivers are a part of the eye-pleasing scenery.

The territory is 3 hectares large, meaning that your stay will not be interrupted by neighbours or other people. Moreover, the Ėglis lake is just 50 metres away from the cottage’s doorstep.


55.770870, 25.877732


The Main House

Was built in the year 1940. It was renovated to suit a modern person, but it has definitely kept its authenticity and cosiness. It’s a single-floor house with a dining room and a bedroom suited for four guests. The house has log walls which are plastered with clay from the inside in the bedroom. The house is kept warm by an old-fashioned furnace and a little metal fireplace. There is also electric floor heating in the bathroom.

Sodyba Ėglis nuomai_kaimo turizmo sodyba_Dusetos_Zarasų raj._1

Built in 1964, now transformed into a guest house (don’t worry, you won’t have to sleep on hay), has 4 bedrooms (3 doubles and a triple), a lounge and a bathroom. Two of the rooms have little fireplaces to warm you up when needed.

Sodyba Ėglis nuomai_kaimo turizmo sodyba_Dusetos_Zarasų raj._2

Was built in 1880. In the past it was also used as a place for meat smoking, nowadays it’s only used as a sauna with all its necessary amenities including a refreshing pond right on the sauna’s doorstep. There is also an outdoor hot water tub with water massage.

You’ll find birch brooms and essential oils for the sauna.

Sodyba Ėglis nuomai_kaimo turizmo sodyba_Dusetos_Zarasų raj._3

It is a nice place to gather together and prepare food no matter what the weather is.

The pergola comes with firewood and a fully equipped barbecue.

Sodyba Ėglis nuomai_kaimo turizmo sodyba_Dusetos_Zarasų raj._4

An open-air kitchen containing a furnace is also an option if you want to cook outside.

A smokehouse for your freshly caught fish is a part of the experience at our cottage too.

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The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, a coffee pod machine, a dishwasher and all the necessary tools and utensils. Bedding and towels are provided in all rooms. Three rooms are equipped with an individually adjustable air conditioning system. Both bathrooms have hairdryers and hygiene supplies, the main house’s bathroom is also equipped with a washing machine. Wi-fi, television, a stereo system, books, different board games and toys can all be found at our cottage. There’s also a bed, a highchair and little mattresses for the toddlers.


PRICE 2023 year


Available space


Full day (weekdays)

160 €

Full day (weekends and holidays)

180 €


40-50 €

Outdoor hot water tub

60 €


Available space


Full day (weekdays)

200 €

Full day (weekends and holidays)

230 €


40-50 €

Outdoor hot water tub

60 €

*For a smaller number of people, the price is negotiable.

Towels, bedding, and all other amenities of the cottage (except the sauna and the outdoor hot water tub) are included in the price.

We are only able to rent out the entire cottage, regardless of the number of guests arriving. From October to April we are renting out a single house (with space for 4 guests). Price per day: 70-80 €

Additional info:

• 30% of the rent price must be paid in advance (Danutė Ražanienė, LT277300010033545759). Free cancellation at least 4 weeks before check-in.

• Pets are allowed.

• We are renting out the cottage for at least two nights and more. Parties are prohibited. Gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed, unless expressly agreed by the host beforehand. Pets are allowed.



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“Ėglis” has a campfire, a volleyball court, a basketball hoop, a tennis table, a football table and a couple of gym machines installed. You can enjoy a nearby lake with a wooden footbridge to get into the water comfortably. You will also find a boat, a water wheeler and a paddle board by the lake. And if you’re an experienced fisherman we can offer you to go fishing to other nearby lakes.


Sodyba Ėglis nuomai_kaimo turizmo sodyba_Dusetos_Zarasų raj._7

”Ėglis“ has a friendly atmosphere for kids too. They can let their energy out at a nice playground with a sandbox, a swing, a slide, a miniature house and more. We have a trampoline, different sport inventory and other games. The little ones can go for a swim in inflatable pools, the older ones can use an inflatable wheel in the lake. Both the lake and the pond are accessible for swimming from the footbridge only.

There is an old garden of apple trees as well as a little garden where we grow fresh vegetables and spices at the place. We can also provide you with village-grown products straight from the locals: honey, cheese, eggs, grindstone-grinded flour, oils, meat and fish. We don’t offer catering ourselves, however we can arrange a local cook who would love to cook for you. And of course, you`ll find plenty of wild strawberries in the summer or mushrooms in the autumn. Enjoy!



Jasai village 7, Zarasai district 32315, Lithuania


55.770870, 25.877732

+3706 201 7792

We are Danutė and Kęstutis Ražanai. Both of us absolutely love this lake region. We speak Lithuanian, English, Russian and Italian.

Come to enjoy our cottage!

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